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About Kousalya Resort

Peace, tranquillity and a dose of proper adventure.

Koushalya resort is an oasis of peace and tranquillity spread over 3.5 acres of lush greenery. Located in the vicinity of kanha National park is an ideal spot for jungle expeditions. Blend of natural beauty and modern conveniences makes Koushalya resort a must visit destination for corporate outings, business conferences or family get-togethers. This exquisite resort is equipped with all modern amenities which gives an opportunity of laid-back stay amidst the serene natural ambience. Clanged with dense vegetation, green fields, beautiful hills, attractive gardens attached with this resort is famous as the best forest resort around.

Business Experience

How about having professional meeting in a completely natural environment. At Koushalya resort, we offer you the best facilities to make your meetings a great success. Away from toxic world, one can avail the best of modern technology. Our amazing facilities include wi-fi systems, video conferencing and advanced facilities.
Here, we want you to enjoy success in a great environment .

Recreation Experience

Escape the commotion. Allow yourself to take a break. Enjoy life with the varied dining options offering an range of tasty cuisine that satisfies your appetite for fun. For those special occasions, like birthday parties, wedding anniversary celebrations, a special dinner with your loved one or when you need to propose to herů we are there with you to take care of that little extra.
We understand and respect those special Kodak moments.

Revitalization Experience

At Koushalya resort, allow us to serve you by taking care of your Body, Mind and Emotions. A healing spiritual space where you can rejuvenate yourself completely.
Here, we want you to take back more than what you expected.

Spiritual Experience

A quiet place with lush green gardens that preserve the best of nature. Nature has an amazing way of soothing the senses. It’s like a fresh breath of life. It keeps your inner sense in balance. It anchors you.
So that you are a little more centred.

Relaxation Experience

The koushalya Resort at Kanha provides refuge from the hectic world and an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in the wilds of India. Here you'll experience the adventure of the jungle, magnificent scenery, the romance of brilliant sunrises and sunsets, and the comforts of home in your jungle retreat. Our simple, yet refined and elegant, spacious guest rooms provide a personal touch to your comfort. We offer Standard and Deluxe rooms as well as Cottages that cater to business travellers, individuals and families alike. So that you go back a little more relaxed.

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